6,000 Lay’s Potatoes Power the Brand’s New Track Featuring Pop Star Anitta

Lay’s has just released their newest track featuring the Brazilian pop star, Anitta. The new track was powered by 6,000 potatoes! That’s right- Lay’s decided to use potatoes as fuel for the music video, layering each chip into a full beat that you can now listen to.

It’s safe to say that when a singer is ready to wow their audience, they don’t expect themselves to be as electrifying as a potato. But similarly to fruits like limes and bananas, which are capable of producing voltage when linked with conductors, potatoes can also be electrifying. In fact, according to Suffolk University’s research, the power of potatoes cannot be underestimated.

By utilizing them, you can create batteries due to their acidity which react with various metals and generate energy in the process – this is what Stem Generation explains. To prove it, an experiment could be conducted using pennies, potatoes, and galvanized screws. Or even watch Anitta harnessing the power of thousands of spuds!

Even without the help of potatoes, Anitta has become renowned for her electrifying performances. In 2022, she made history as the first Brazilian artist to be nominated and win an MTV Music Award with her hit song “Envolver” (via Paper).

Recently, she was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best New Artist category. Through an official press release shared with Mashed, she partnered up with renowned potato chip brand Lay’s to illustrate how potatoes can powerfully energize her music.

Recently, a remarkable experiment looked to use 6,000 potatoes as the sole source of electricity for an entire recording studio – something that you would have previously thought impossible! After all, who knew it could take just a few humble spuds to power devices like clocks (via Stem Generation)?

Lay’s achieved its goal in a big way – it was able to record an amazing remix of Grammy-nominated singer Anitta’s “Envolver,” personally performed by the star. It can be heard as part of Lay’s most recent ad campaign “Beat of Joy” which celebrates Latinx culture and incorporates beats inspired by reggaetón, dance and voceteo.

Lay’s decided to make their mark on the world record books by constructing an enormous potato battery led by creative technologist Zach Umperovitch and 6,000 potatoes! The end result was not only a success, but Lay’s also broke Guinness World Records with their highest wattage from a potato battery.

In a dialogue with People magazine, Anitta shared her sentiments about the experience:

“So, when I finally saw the whole thing and those thousands of potatoes, I was so impressed. I actually thought I would never understand how they were doing that.”

Yet, she was able to grasp it and that made the experience truly special.

In the end, it was incredible to see how something as simple and humble like a potato can be used to create this much energy!

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Anitta’s and Lay’s newest track powered by 6,000 potatoes. It is definitely an unexpected (but welcome) surprise for music lovers everywhere. What a way to show just how powerful potatoes can be!

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