Adidas launches investigation into Ye conduct claims

Adidas, the world-renowned sportswear company, is launching an investigation into Ye’s conduct. This comes after recent reports that he has been accused of multiple instances of misconduct in the workplace.

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has been the face of Adidas since 2013.

Adidas has acknowledged it is looking into the accusations made in an unsigned letter from employees. The letter says that senior executives knew about Kanye West’s abusive behavior for years but did nothing.

Adidas is investigating allegations that it ignored inappropriate behavior from Ye while he was heading Yeezy and making shoes for the company.

A spokesperson for Adidas told FN that the company is looking into the allegations made in an anonymous letter about the workplace environment.

The company released a statement saying that it does not allow hate speech or offensive behavior, which led to the termination of its Adidas x Yeezy partnership last month. The company also said-

“We have been and continue to be actively engaged in conversations with our employees about the events that lead to our decision to end the partnership. They have our full support and as we’re working through the details of the termination.”

Adidas continued by stating that it is-

“Currently not clear” whether the accusations made in the anonymous letter are true but takes these allegations “very seriously.”

In an exclusive report from Rolling Stone this week, it was revealed that a letter had been sent detailing years of West’s problematic behavior. The letter outlines how senior Adidas staffers knew about the incidents but “turned their moral compass off.”

After West made several antisemitic comments, Adidas ended its partnership with the rapper and his Yeezy brand. In a statement, Adidas said it would “end production of Yeezy branded products” and stop all payments to West​and his companies.

Following the announcement, several retailers have said they will stop carrying the brand. For example, Foot Locker has told all of its stores to remove Yeezys from their sales floors.

Last month, TJX Companies–which owns T.J. Maxx and Marshalls–said it would no longer buy any merchandise from West’s brand. In a similar vein, luxury consignment resale company The RealReal also announced that it would stop accepting items associated with West and his label.

In addition, Gap announced last month that it was taking steps to remove all Yeezy Gap products from stores after their contract ended in September. They also said they would be shutting down the website,

Adidas’ announcement was not the only one- big names such as Balenciaga, CAA, Vogue, and more revealed they were cutting ties with West as well.

Adidas’ investigation into Ye’s conduct is ongoing, with the company saying it will “take appropriate actions” after completing its review. It has yet to be revealed whether or not West may face further consequences for his alleged misconduct.

It remains to be seen how this story will unfold, but Adidas’ decision to launch an investigation shows that it is taking the allegations seriously.

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