Amazon’s Customer Satisfaction slips with Shoppers

Amazon’s customer satisfaction has taken a nosedive with shoppers recently, according to a survey conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

For close to thirty years, Inc. has been distinguished by its focus on customers. Nevertheless, recent data suggests that consumers’ excitement about the leading online retailer in the country has diminished.

Evercore ISI’s recent survey found that the proportion of Amazon customers who expressed high levels of satisfaction with the company has decreased, measuring at 79% in 2022. According to the research, the number dropped down to 65% in 2020 during the pandemic but is still lower than it was almost a decade ago when it peaked at 88%.

Amazon’s score decreased from 86 to 78 out of 100 over five years, and this is the company’s worst performance since 2000. In 2020-2021, Amazon trailed behind Costco Wholesale Corp. and Nordstrom Inc.’s shopping sites.

In a study earlier this year of more than 1,000 Amazon customers in the U.S., Brooks Bell Consulting firm found that nearly a third reported regularly receiving products late or getting an item of low quality.

Amazon has longtime been the top retailer in the United States, expanding its Prime membership base to over 200 million people worldwide. With a Prime membership, users get advantages like quicker shipping times and access to Amazon’s streaming service as well as others such as discounts at Whole Foods Market.

Amazon has long been a standard-setter in shipping times, and according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, they still retain about 98% of Prime customers who have subscribed for at least two years. The survey results come as the company experiences growth and profit decline, announcing plans to cut jobs ahead of the holiday season – their most important period for sales.

Amazon works hard to ensure customer satisfaction by introducing AmazonBasics and constantly working to update its app. Customers are now able to more easily see the items they’re looking for and compare prices with other products.

Several analysts and former employees said that the slip in surveys could be a result of customer service concerns or frustration over Amazon’s search results. In an attempt to boost profit, Amazon has allowed more third-party sellers to use its platform and begun advertising, which entails seller payments to appear as the top search result for specific products.

This shift, however, may have come at the expense of customer satisfaction and loyalty. In spite of this, Amazon continues to explore ways to keep customers coming back. This includes introducing its own delivery service, offering more discounts and promotions as well as further developing its streaming services.

Amazon’s goal is to continue increasing customer satisfaction and retain its domination in the e-commerce market. As one of the most powerful brands, Amazon’s customer satisfaction could prove to be vital in ensuring they remain profitable and competitive moving forward.

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