Amazon Launches Inspire, Its TikTok-Style Short Video Feature For Customers

Short videos similar to those found on TikTok will soon be available to Amazon customers, according to The Wall Street Journal. This new feature, called Inspire, is currently only accessible to select individuals.

The short video platform feature in the Amazon app will let customers purchase products from a customized feed of photos and videos. With this new feature, you can browse through a curated selection of product videos and images, making it easier than ever to find the perfect item to buy.

The retail giant is set to release the feature to select customers in early December in the United States. In the following months, it plans on ensuring that all consumers will have access to this useful tool.

Amazon has stated that it will take customer feedback into account to improve the project over time. This initiative by Amazon follows a decline in sales and customer satisfaction. Additionally, this is one of several attempts to draw customers back in through social creators and influencers.

Inspire will be a never-ending video and photo feed on Amazon that will highlight different products and services. The goal is to convince viewers to buy items through the Amazon app.

After the launch of Inspire, Amazon will become joins social media behemoth Facebook in the social-shopping realm. Furthermore, The retail corporation will also use Google to make the most of short-video content’s popularity.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon has been actively recruiting social media influencers in order to bolster its shopping business.

Amazon’s Director of Shopping, Oliver Messenger spoke about the short-form video feature saying-

“It is an incredibly useful medium for helping people discover and understand products.”

Oliver also added-

“Video-based content really helps customers understand the product more.”

Messenger’s Inspire is a platform focused on shopping, with social aspects that could eventually develop into content sharing and a trending topics feature.

The Amazon Inspire portal is shaped like a lightbulb and located at the bottom of the app. Customers can browse, add products to their cart, and purchase items they like on the platform.

This section will allow customers to list their interests in games or pets, which will then be used to curate content based on those interests. Customers can purchase products not only from the store, but also from other customers, influencers, and brands.

Overall, Amazon’s Inspire is a great way for customers to get inspired and find new products to purchase in a fast and easy way. The feature will be available to customers from early December in the United States, and Amazon is looking forward to hearing further feedback from its customers. 

This is yet another effort from Amazon to improve customer satisfaction and expand its retail business. With the launch of this new feature, Amazon will be able to reach more customers and increase its presence in the social media world.  We’ll have to wait and see how well this new platform is received by consumers.  Only time will tell!

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