Amazon Reveals New Drone Meant For Faster City Deliveries

Amazon’s latest innovation is sure to revolutionize the way people receive deliveries. The company recently revealed a new drone that aims to expedite delivery times within cities.

Amazon is not only preparing to introduce its Prime Air drone delivery service, but it is also looking ahead to 2024 when it plans to use an urban delivery drone that is more capable and quiet.

According to CNBC, Amazon’s Prime Air drone, the 80-pound MK27, will launch and begin deliveries this year in College Station, Texas and Lockeford, California. With a payload ability of five pounds or less– equivalent to that of a shoe box–the drone be used for smaller items only.

Amazon revealed the MK30 drone in Boston on November 11th with an aim toward 2024.

The recently designed drone is not only supposed to be more adaptable, but less noisy as well. Although comparable in size to the MK27, this machine supposedly “is nimble enough to make deliveries in highly populated areas such as Boston, Atlanta, and Seattle”, suggests an Axio report.

The improved MK30 can stay in the air longer and fly in light rain or mildly bad weather.

Furthermore, according to Axios, the drone has “new ‘sense-and-avoid’ safety features that enable it to operate … while avoiding other aircraft, people, pets and obstacles.”

The new drone, equipped with redesigned propellers, will not only be quieter but will also be able to carry a heavier load. However, it is worth noting that the weight of the total payload cannot exceed five pounds.

Amazon’s goals for its drone delivery service are exceedingly ambitious. By the end of the 2020s, they plan deliveries to reach up to half-billion packages annually.

With the introduction of this new drone, it looks like Amazon is well on its way to revolutionizing city deliveries.

The recent advancements in Amazon’s delivery services are expected to have a revolutionary impact on the industry, and customers will certainly benefit from faster and more efficient delivery times! 

This development will undoubtedly be an incredible benefit to city-dwellers and it will be exciting to see how the new drones are received.  Keep an eye out for Amazon’s revamped delivery service!

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