Amazon to launch new app for streaming sports and related content: Report

Amazon is planning to introduce a single, independent sports streaming application soon. This would fit in with Amazon Prime Video’s goal of augmenting its athletics programming offerings and make it more popular among viewers. Live sporting activities are one of the most sought-after forms of streaming entertainment today, and this small step can help Amazon capitalize on that trend for even greater viewership!

The Information has reported that Amazon is poised to join the competition and challenge market leader Disney in the sports arena.

Amazon’s acquisition of the rights to stream several well-known sports events, such as Thursday Night Football and Premier League soccer matches in the UK, will provide them with an advantage for achieving their new objectives. Further supporting this report is Amazon CEO Andy Jassy who proclaimed live sports are “a unique asset” which they plan on heavily investing into.

To supplement the live sports broadcasts, Amazon has developed exclusive original sporting talk shows for both Prime Video and its ad-supported service Freevee.

By combining its sports streaming services with the existing Amazon Prime Video plans, or even creating a new tier for exclusive sports content, Amazon has an opportunity to offer customers enhanced value by way of affordable subscription fees.

Although the report does not uncover when the application will launch, or whether Amazon intends to move forward with launching a sports app, it is known that Amazon has been assessing its less profitable divisions and let off employees due to economic instability as well as rising expenditures.

In recent months, Amazon has made headlines as one of the largest tech brands in America to have laid off workers – a majority from their devices segment. Such news underscores the uncertainty and instability facing many employees during these difficult times.

It remains to be seen if Amazon will indeed launch a separate sports streaming app and compete with Disney, or if they decide to offer sports-related programming within their current subscription plans.

Until then, consumers can look forward to the prospect of increased options for live sporting content, in addition to the already vast selection offered by Amazon Prime Video.

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