Amazon to widely launch ‘Buy with Prime’, says offering improved merchant Sales

By the end of January, Inc will launch a feature that enables retailers outside their own platform to take advantage of their payment and delivery services in order to stay competitive with Canada’s Shopify Inc.

On Jan. 31, U.S.-based merchants will be granted access to ‘Buy With Prime’, allowing them to take advantage of this exclusive offering which was initially launched in April with an invitation-only basis.

Our product has proven to be a success, enhancing the shopper conversion rate by an astonishing 25% on average. With ‘Buy with Prime’ being available and active, more people are ordering than when it was not accessible!

Take advantage of the amazing opportunities available with Amazon Prime membership! For a mere $139 per year, you can get access to exclusive products from various merchants by simply clicking the ‘Buy With Prime’ button on their storefront. Become an Amazon Prime member today and start shopping now!

Shopify Pay, the Canadian-based feature from Shopify, is a viable option for companies that want to go straight to consumers in order to sell their products. This offering stands firm against it and provides another choice for merchants entering this world of online retail.

As the pandemic persisted, many smaller to mid-size Amazon merchants were forced to pivot towards offering their products directly on their websites due to inflated shipping costs and lack of sufficient inventory storage.

Last September, CNBC reported that Shopify was cautioning merchants attempting to install the ‘Buy With Prime’ button notifying them that it breaches its terms of service.

The improved merchant sales of buy with Prime could potentially become a big win for Amazon. 

What effect will this have on Amazon’s opponents? Keep a lookout for more news soon to discover the answer! Stay tuned to learn more about this progression.

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