Amway repositions skin-care brand Artistry

Amway, a global leader in health and beauty products, has just announced that it is repositioning its skin-care brand Artistry. The company has been gradually introducing new products to the Artistry line, and now they are taking steps to completely redefine it.

Amway India, one of the country’s FMCG direct-selling companies announced that it is repositioning its premium skincare brand Artistry to Visibly Healthy Beauty. This change reflects the company’s belief that skin needs nutrients just like the body to be healthy. Consequently, they are introducing a new line of products called Artistry Skin Nutrition.

The initial launch phase featured an anti-aging solution set that would help to improve cellular repair for a more youthful appearance.

The new range isn’t just skincare–it’s skin nutrition. By combining the best of science and nature, these products are loaded with botanicals from Nutrilite farms. They’re also free of parabens, vegan, and made using cutting-edge processes that make them purer, safer, and more effective.

Amway India’s CMO, Ajay Khanna said-

“The health-conscious consumers of today are increasingly looking for products that are enhanced with nutrients. Leveraging our expertise in nutrition with Nutrilite, a brand backed by a rich legacy of over 80 years on the plant-based approach to supplementation, it was a natural progression for us to present this skincare range derived from the best of science and best of nature with the powerful botanicals from our Nutrilite farms revealing visibly Healthy beauty. We are delighted to introduce the first phase of the Artistry Skin Nutrition line, which includes an anti-aging range of seven products, that has a blend of Nutrilite and Artistry skin science expertise.”

Furthermore, the market for anti-aging products in India is expected to grow rapidly over the next five years, indicating a great opportunity for businesses in this field. Kanna also said-

Past few years witnessed heightened awareness around holistic health that has given rise to an inherent need for visibly healthy skin. With more than 80 percent of Indian consumers preferring beauty products with a combination of chemical-free, vegan, and plant-based claims, there is a huge potential market for quality healthy beauty products in India. With our rich expertise in Nutrition, we are confident that this new range of products will address the unmet skincare needs of our discerning consumers.

Amway India will be educating Amway Direct Selling Partners about the new Artistry Skin Nutrition line with launch sessions. To generate awareness among health-conscious consumers in the beauty field, there will also be a PR and social media campaign included.

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