Apple to replace iTunes for Windows with Music, TV, and Devices apps

Apple has officially taken its final step towards eradicating iTunes from Windows with Microsoft’s recent introduction of three new Apple apps as part of the preview build for insiders in Windows 11. These applications include Apple Music, Apple TV and also the so-called ‘Apple Devices.’

Windows users rejoice! Now you have access to Apple Music, which allows you to enjoy your local music library as well as an extensive paid streaming collection.


Apple TV+ offers an unparalleled bundle of streaming services with a combination of titles from Paramount+, Showtime, AMC+, and Starz. Here you can rent new releases or access movies that have already been purchased through iTunes – all in one place! With this convenient package, there’s neasier way to stay current on the most popular shows.

With the advent of Finder in macOS, syncing, local data backup and restoration, as well as emergency software updates for iPhones are now a breeze. Furthermore, Apple Devices have stepped up their game when it comes to such advanced tasks for all its gadgets – be it an iPhone or iPad or even iPod!


Apple Music, TV and Devices may be hogging the spotlight right now but don’t forget about podcasts and books – two areas of iTunes that haven’t gotten much attention. As yet we don’t know whether they will appear in Apple’s new apps or if a separate app dedicated to them is on its way.

Microsoft is alerting users that if they install the new preview apps, it will terminate iTunes on Windows – which can be a nuisance for those with extensive local music libraries. Fortunately, you needn’t worry as uninstalling these applications will enable you to reinstall iTunes effortlessly!

This is a significant step towards Apple’s mission of creating intuitive and dependable computing experiences. With these new apps, Apple is taking one step closer to providing an experience that’s as easy and user-friendly as ever!

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