Apple Watch Ultra becomes a diving computer with the launch of Oceanic+

Apple Watch Ultra just got a major upgrade with the launch of Oceanic+, which turns it into a diving computer. The new app is designed specifically for Apple Watch and brings underwater navigation to your wrist.

Apple has released the new Oceanic+ app for its Watch Ultra, which gives scuba divers access to depths up to 130 feet that were unable to be reached before. On Monday, in a blog post, Apple stated that the new app turns the watch into an easy-to-use and powerful dive computer.

The Watch Ultra, driven by depth gauge and water temperature sensors, has many features in the app.

You can subscribe to the app’s premium version for $4.99 per day, $9.99 per month, or $79.99 per year to access a few additional features—like decompression tracking. Or, go with the family plan at only $129.99 annually and get all of those great features plus some extras too! Even if you don’t subscribe though, you can still use key app features like dive logs and depth tracking.

Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone has all the features of an advanced dive computer as well as comprehensive dive planning and post-dive analysis tools.

The app— developed in partnership with Apple by Huish Outdoors— lets you track dive conditions like tides, water temperature, and more. From Apple’s blog post announcement, here is a quick summary:

“In the dive planner, users can set their surface time, their depth, and their gas, and Oceanic+ will calculate their No Deco (no-decompression) time—a metric used to determine a time limit for a diver at a certain depth. The planner also integrates dive conditions, including tides, water temperature, and even up-to-date information from the community, such as visibility and currents. Post-dive, users will see data—including GPS entry and exit locations—automatically pop up on Apple Watch Ultra, along with a summary of their dive profile. The summary on the Oceanic+ iPhone app provides additional information, including a map of entry and exit locations, as well as graphs of depth, temperature ascent rate, and no-decompression limit.”

Apple partnered with Huish Outdoors to design the app. Mike Huish, the company’s CEO-

“At Huish Outdoors, our purpose is fuelling the human spirit for adventure. Oceanic+ on Apple Watch Ultra is one of the biggest innovations to hit the dive industry in a long time. We’re creating an accessible, shareable, better diving experience for everybody.”

He further adds-

“One of our first goals was to keep it intuitive. People who know how to use an Apple Watch already know how to use this dive computer, because it’s telling them things in a simple format they can understand. The navigation menus are simple — scrolling with the Digital Crown and using the Action button, you can navigate and use all the functionality of the dive computer while diving.”

With a 49mm titanium case and flat sapphire front crystal, the new Apple Watch Ultra is being advertised as the biggest and brightest Apple Watch yet. It also has a new customizable action button that gives you instant access to one function.

Apple guarantees that the Watch Ultra has an unrivaled battery life in comparison to any other Apple Watch, boasting a 36-hour lifespan with normal use. However, if you enable the new low-power setting included specifically for prolonged use, your watch can last up to 60 hours on a single charge.

For divers, the new Apple Watch Ultra and Oceanic+ app are sure to be game-changers. The combination of advanced features, easy navigation, and long battery life makes Oceanic+ a great choice for experienced and beginning divers alike!

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