Bisleri International unveils new digital campaign for [email protected]

Bisleri International has released an innovative campaign for its delivery at home service, Bisleri @Doorstep. This incredible campaign caters to the needs of modern consumers who crave convenient solutions when ordering essential items.

Part of this rollout consists of series of brand films unveiling common scenarios faced by both millennials and Gen-Z which will be rolled out in phases. With these exciting new brand films, Bisleri @Doorstep is sure to become a go-to option for all your essential needs!

To emphasize the ease-of-use and user friendliness of Bisleri @Doorstep App, one of the three ad films presents a fun take on ordering water through this app. In it, we see a cat taking advantage of its nap time to order Bisleri products via the application – illustrating how straightforward using this service is!

Voicing his opinion on the digital marketing campaign, Jayanti Chauhan, Vice Chairperson of Bisleri International shared:

“It is in our DNA to prioritise consumers’ interests and meet their requirements. During the pandemic-induced lockdown, we were the first consumer goods company to foster the D2C concept and introduced Bisleri @Doorstep. We delivered our products at their homes without them needing to step out. With changing times, consumers are increasingly adopting digital ecosystems and delivery solutions. Through this campaign, we emphasize the ease of ordering Bisleri products online to provide consumers a seamless experience.”

Anuraag Khandelwal, Chief Creative Officer at 82.5 Communications, declared:

“This film is the first of many for Bisleri’s e-commerce service. In this world of information overload with tons of apps coming into the foray, we wanted to do something simple and sticky to connect with this app native generation.”

Bisleri @Doorstep App is accessible in 600 pin codes throughout India, from metropolitan cities to Tier I markets. Additionally, with over 6000 distributors, 7500 distribution trucks and 70 exclusive modern service agents that guarantee seamless delivery of water and various other Bisleri products – the strength of their network cannot be denied!

With this new campaign, Bisleri International is definitely on the right track to revolutionize the consumer experience!  Get ready to enjoy convenient access to the most essential of products without having to leave your own homes.  All you have to do is download the Bisleri @Doorstep App and enjoy the benefits of this innovative service!

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