Bosch is rolling out a security dashcam designed for Rideshare Drivers

Bosch is actively increasing its presence in the ride-hailing industry with regards to security solutions.

On Tuesday night, during the inauguration of CES 2023 in Las Vegas, the global supplier unveiled a brand new connected smart camera and 24 hour customer service line designed specifically for drivers using ride-hailing apps.

By collaborating with Gridwise – an app that caters to rideshare and delivery drivers – Bosch is seeking feedback from users so they can guarantee that this product meets their needs.

Crafted with ride-hailers at the forefront, this device has an interior and exterior camera as well as a front lighting element to ensure drivers and riders recognize when service is in progress.

This product features an SOS button that can be wirelessly activated by the driver in case of emergency. All calls are received instantly at Bosch’s 24-hour call center, and operators have access to a live camera feed from the RideCare device so they can quickly identify if aid is needed or not.

In a groundbreaking statement, Christoph Hartung – President of Cross-Domain Computing Solutions at Bosch – declared-

“What takes the Bosch RideCare companion beyond a simple dashcam is that it is paired with a service that provides active help by trained call center specialists when required.”

Every ride is tracked, but footage — including the encrypted details of location and time — are only sent to the cloud if an SOS button was pressed or a driver’s request has been made.

Our company adheres to data protection regulations when managing all information. Additionally, the device is furnished with several tamper-resistance features and will notify us if its field-of-view gets blocked or compromised.

During the initial part of 2023, Bosch plans to release this product for both drivers and fleets alike. Unfortunately, at this time, no further information has been disclosed about pricing for either the hardware or their accompanying support service. Nonetheless, what we do know is that a one-time cost will be required upfront for the device itself alongside an accessible subscription model offered by the company’s support system.

RideCare companion is an extension of RideCare insight, which was launched in 2021. This previous sharing economy product instantly detects smoke, damage and harsh driving conditions in shared vehicles.

By introducing this new product, the company is further staking its claim on the growth of human ride-hailing services and investing in a future full of robotaxis.

While the company remained tight-lipped about which rideshare companies (including those invested in robotaxi services) it is collaborating with, a spokesperson did share that Bosch has had conversations with an array of industry players.

It is abundantly evident that the company views the autonomous ride-share services sector as a viable outlet for their RideShare product.

Hartung further added-

“As automated ride-share services continue to emerge, a solution like RideCare companion becomes even more relevant for passenger transparency and safety.”

CES 2023 Innovation Awards recognized the product with its prestigious Best of Innovation award for In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety, honoring it as a standout in this category.

It’s clear that Bosch is dedicated to providing drivers with the best and most secure ride-hailing experience possible. With this groundbreaking product, rideshare fleets and drivers alike can rest easy knowing that their passengers are safe and protected.

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