Cadbury Dairy Milk UK’s heartwarming campaign sweetens it with kindness

Cadbury Dairy Milk UK, in collaboration with London-based media company VCCP, is determined to demonstrate how small steps of kindness can join us closer together with its ‘Garage’ ad campaign. This chocolate brand has been promoting the idea of ‘Generosity’ since day one and are continuing that tradition through this specific commercial.

Academy Award-winning director Steve Rogers presents ‘Garage’, a powerful story about a young woman working in the dead of night at an ordinary petrol station. One customer comes to buy some fuel, but not before asking for and then leaving behind a chocolate bar. When she reminds him that he forgot it, he looks back with warmth in his eyes – only for her to lovingly whisper ‘Love you, Dad’ as his car pulls away from the garage.

The campaign strives to demonstrate how thoughtful actions such as these can mean the world to someone, illustrating that ‘There’s a glass and a half in everyone’. The delighted expression on the woman’s face is all it takes to understand.

Delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is crafted with a special recipe that calls for half a glass of milk, to create perfect balance; plus, it conveys the notion that there’s generosity in each and every one of us—even if we simply express this through small gestures.

Riding on the success of its award-winning films, such as Mum’s Birthday, Fence and Bus, the brand has released yet another lovely ad film titled ‘Garage’.The story is easily relatable to viewers while effectively conveying a message in an endearing manner.

In tandem with the media partner Publicis, this film was made possible.  The positive reception of the campaign has been a testament to Cadbury Dairy Milk’s timelessness in bringing people together with its simple gestures of kindness.  It is a reminder that even in these difficult times, we can still experience unity and love.

Whether it’s through sharing a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk or just a friendly hello, small acts of kindness can make all the difference.  So let’s keep sweetening it with kindness!


Senior global marketing director: Jonathan McCarthy

Senior global brand manager: Markéta Kristlova

UK associate marketing director: Gemma Flanigan

Advertising agency: VCCP

London executive directors: Chris Birch, Jonathan Parker

Creative team: Simon Connor, Steve Cross

Head of account management: Gemma Findlay

Senior account director: Anna Fotheringham

Senior account manager: Katie Westwater

Chief strategy officer: Clare Hutchinson

Planning director: Alana King

Head of TV: Olly Calverley

TV producers: Rosie Good, Charlie Hodges

Production company: Somesuch & Co

Director: Steve Rogers

Producer: Tom Gardner

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