Chipotle rolls out ‘Freepotle’ rewards with TikTok, Instagram prize Wheel

Chipotle has been vigorously expanding and enriching its rewards program in recent years and boasts over 30 million fans now! This popular scheme is a real crowd pleaser, offering members the chance to reap great benefits.

The Freepotle program is the newest innovation from a restaurant chain that has enticed customers with complimentary guacamole and side dishes to boost their orders. If you’re already enrolled, your membership will be upgraded instantly! However, if you are not yet a member, joining by March 6th can get you access to this awesome perk!

Freepotle, the chain’s new loyalty program, is seen as a more budget-friendly choice compared to other costly subscription programs from QSR and fast casual chains. According to CMO Chris Brandt’s statement, Freepotle makes an excellent alternative for customers who want access to rewards without having to pay high subscription fees.

Just last January Chipotle competitors Taco Bell and Sweetgreen launched their own plan – Taco Lover’s Pass and Sweetpass respectively – but Freepotle still stands out with its exceptional value!

Chipotle is rolling out the red carpet for Freepotle, utilizing diverse approaches to keep their loyal fans and bring in potential ones. The Prize Wheel of Freepotle will add a fun game-like element to TikTok’s and Instagram live viewing and commenting features, tapping into these digital avenues that remain successful channels of engaging with individuals who are typically not receptive to ads.

To make things even more exciting, Chipotle Rewards members have the chance to win free Chipotle for a whole year! All you need to do is spend $5 in-restaurant or through the chain’s digital platforms from Jan. 9th – 15th and you’ll be entered into this amazing opportunity. Don’t miss out on your shot at winning some deliciousness for an entire year!

Aiming to captivate Gen Z and millennial consumers, Freepotle recently unveiled a Snapchat Lens combined with an array of Lifestyle Bowls designed according to current well-being trends. This is their most recent effort to further expand digital platforms.

Last year, Chipotle launched one of the most successful campaigns of the entire year – a stock market simulation game that tapped into cryptocurrency fervor.

This effort to innovate rewarded participants with a chance to win up to $250,000 worth of Chipotle burritos. Chipotle’s Freepotle rewards and TikTok, Instagram prize wheel is yet another inventive way to get customers to engage with their brand.

Chipotle has certainly proven throughout the years that it is capable of staying ahead of the trend and find creative ways to keep its fans engaged. Keep an eye out for more exciting surprises from the Mexican chain in 2023! Happy foodie rewards hunting, everyone!

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