Coca-Cola infuses AR into CNY packaging bringing rabbit family to life

To ring in the new year, Coca-Cola has launched a multi-touchpoint regional Year of The Rabbit campaign to recognize and appreciate the special bond between generations that is celebrated during this holiday season. As part of their celebration, they are emphasizing the powerful connection we all share when gathering together with loved ones!

As the company observed, Lunar New Year is being changed by contemporary generations who are customizing these aged customs to correspond with their hectic life and incredibly digital world.

The changes in today’s world have made the generational gap between younger generations and their elders more noticeable, as they no longer share Lunar New Year rituals. Coca-Cola yearns to bridge that gap and prove that while traditions shape families, it is also through its evolution over time that binds them together in magical ways.

Developed by Ogilvy Shanghai, this regional campaign includes a short animated film launched in 8 countries across Asia, an interactive AI-powered mobile activation and special edition packaging with augmented reality elements. Varied versions of the campaign will be broadcast on TV and online in numerous nations such as China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.

To further bolster the reach of our product, we will be running a series of out-of-home advertisements throughout major metropolitan areas in Asia. Such ads include billboards and other digital signage to ensure maximum exposure.

This film aptly captures the spirit of Lunar New Year, showcasing how this timeless tradition brings together family and friends across generations. Despite all its changes throughout time, one thing has remained constant: celebrating it as a collective is what truly makes it special. No matter our differences or diverse likes and dislikes, there’s always room at the Lunar New Year table for everyone!

The “Grandma’s Jiaozi” campaign focuses on the touching tale of a family of rabbits who are able to come together despite their varied perspectives when it comes to tradition and festivities. This echoes how Lunar New Year feasts have developed over time, with traditional dishes rife with meaningfulness and metropolitan flavors both making an appearance at the dinner table.

In the promotional video, we see the grandson of the rabbit family honoring his grandmother at the modern New Year’s feast by reserving a special spot for her traditional dumplings. To commemorate this meaningful gesture, he and his grandmother enjoy a Coca-Cola as an enduring common bond that remains untouched through time.

In China, Coca-Cola has joined forces with a digital experience to transform every can of their beverage into an entryway for families that allows them to recreate existing customs and interact in enjoyable, interactive ways – something becoming more important when considering the custom of having family photoshoots during New Year. However, it can be hard for all members of a family to get together if they live apart from one another.

Add a bit of excitement to your family portrait sessions with the magic capturer! This innovative camera uses AI technology to track faces, allowing for virtual rabbits to interact and provide cues on how best to pose in atmospheric and original ways. After all is said and done, you can easily spread the joys of togetherness even if those distant cannot be physically present by sharing these remarkable images over Lunar New Year.

To take the magic even further, Coca-Cola has introduced a unique spin on the traditional gift-giving process with an Augmented Reality animation integrated into their special Year of the Rabbit festive gift pack. By simply scanning its QR code, users can watch as Coke’s rabbit family springs to life in 3D and create customized virtual greeting cards that they can share with those closest to them.

According to Charlotte Sng, the Creative Director of Coca-Cola’s Greater China and Mongolia branch-

“For the Year of the Rabbit, we wanted to recognise the generational differences and shift in celebration rituals, and inspire families across the region to rediscover meaning in traditions. This year’s Lunar New Year campaign continues to embody the Coca-Cola’s “Real Magic” philosophy, celebrating the extraordinary moments of connection that happen when we come together despite our differences and create new shared rituals.”

Wei Fei, group executive creative director at Ogilvy Shanghai, proclaimed-

“We are incredibly proud of this Year of the Rabbit campaign with Coca-Cola, which once again pushed new creative boundaries at the intersection of culture, innovative technology and storytelling. It is an invitation to come together through highly-engaging mobile experiences, and appreciate the special moments that make the Lunar New Year so magical.”

Coca-Cola has once again proven that their unceasing efforts to innovate and provide for the ever-changing needs of its consumers have been successful. By infusing Augmented Reality into their Lunar New Year packaging, they have made it easier than ever for people from all over the world to come together – even if they cannot be physically  present – and enjoy the festivities.

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