Dyson Zone price and release date announced for super weird air Purifier Headphones

Dyson unveiled its plans to release a pair of noise-canceling headphones with an air purifier in March 2022, but the company was tight-lipped about revealing full specs or an exact release date.

Today (December 8), Dyson released the full specification sheet for the Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones and announced that they will go on sale in 2023.

The British company’s latest innovation, The Zone, will go on sale in China in January 2023. Prices forThe Zone start at £749 ($949 in the U.S.). In March 2023, it will come to Dyson stores in the U.K., U.S., Ireland, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Dyson’s Zone air purification headphones are said to have high-efficiency filtration in order to reduce pollution exposure while on the go. The visor, which can be detached, projects purified air directly into the user’s nose and mouth area. Additionally, the filters used contain potassium-enriched carbon that targets gases most often found in polluted city areas.

If you’re looking for a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, these have great features and specs comparable to the best models on the market.

The frequency range of 6Hz to 21kHz is pretty standard. Dyson claims that their drivers offer detail and deliver a clear, pure sound across the full spectrum with a unique EQ setting.

Eight microphones cancel out noise and are claimed to monitor surrounding sounds 384,000 times a second. Hear-through transparency and auto-detect modes are available.

The MyDyson app is extremely versatile and user-friendly. You can adjust the airflow speed and noise-cancellation mode to your liking, as well as customize the audio equalization. There are three presets to choose from: Dyson EQ (enhanced), Neutral, and Bass Boost.

You can also choose to follow the aural health guidance by opting into a loudness limit.

You can use the battery for up to 50 hours straight in noise-canceling mode, or 4 hours if you’re using both the purification and audio features. It only takes around 3 hours to recharge the battery fully via USB-C.

Whilst the audio credentials look good, I’m not much of a fan based on the images I’ve seen of the earcups. They appear to be far too large for my taste. Furthermore, I don’t like the color options that are available, which are either satin silver/ultra blue or ultra blue/Prussian blue. There is also a Prussian blue/bright copper option but this is only available from Dyson directly.

The design is odd to me because it’s much heavier than other similar products on the market. For example, Dyson claims that their product without the air purification visor weighs 595g- almost double what top noise-canceling headphones from popular brands weigh.

The air purification visor causes the weight to increase to over 1.4 pounds, which is comparable to the average motorcycle helmet. This might be uncomfortably heavy for long city commutes, so you all need to pay attention to levels of comfort when you get a chance to test it out.

It’s clear that Dyson has ambitions to take on the likes of Bose and Sony in the headphone market. However, it looks like they are playing catchup here with their range of features and design choices not quite living up to expectations.

Whether or not The Zone will be a success remains to be seen, so keep your eyes open for reviews when the product finally hits store shelves next year.

We’ll keep you in the loop for future updates!

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