E-Luna: Kinetic to bring back the iconic 50-year-old two-wheeler brand, in a new EV Avatar

People may be tempted to think that Luna mopeds have become obsolete – however, they couldn’t be more wrong! On Monday, Kinetic Engineering proudly announced its plans for the return of Luna in a new and improved electric form.

In a legal document, Kinetic Engineering Limited proudly announced the accomplishment of their 50th year anniversary with an electric version model of the Luna. First launched at just Rs 2000 in India, this automobile was seen as revolutionary back then because it became such an efficient and cost-effective mode of transport for people. Now in its full circle, we see that same reliable vehicle now come back to us but with more advanced features – electrically powered!


Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions is readying the launch of its new E-Luna. KEL has created a dedicated production line for this model with an astounding capacity to produce a total of 5,000 sets per month. Moreover, all major components have been assembled including the main chassis, stand, side stand and swing arm!

KEL has invested an impressive Rs 3 crores to enhance their paint shop, press & fabrication shops.

Ajinkya Firodia, the MD of Kinetic Engineering Limited exclaimed-

“We are very proud to be making all the major subassemblies of the same and be a part of this legacy! At its peak, Luna was selling over 2000 [units] per day. I am sure it will do very well in its new avatar.”

Furthermore, he anticipated that E-Luna would add over Rs 30 crores in revenue each year within the next two to three years.

A peek into the past

Since its debut in 1972, Kinetic Engineering’s 50 cc moped, the Kinetic Luna, has been a mainstay of Indian roads – or at least it used to be. Nowadays however though production and promotion of this vehicle continues throughout India, sightings have become quite rare.

In 1972, the Luna first made its appearance as a licensed Piaggio Ciao moped. As time passed and technology improved, Kinetic took over production duties of this beloved machine until it ceased in the early 2000s.

The launch of Kinetic E-Luna is set to bring back the much beloved two wheeler again, with a modern touch – revolutionizing the way we see electric vehicles.

This is certainly exciting news for all Luna fans out there, as well as India’s two-wheeler market overall. We’re sure this new iteration of an old favourite will be welcomed with open arms! Stay tuned for more details on the launch date.

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