Elon Musk may produce ‘alternative’ smartphones to compete with Apple, Android

The tech mogul, who has already made waves in the automotive and aerospace industries with his companies Tesla Motors and SpaceX, may have a new venture on the horizon. According to recent reports, Elon Musk is planning to launch a line of smartphones that will rival Apple and Android devices in terms of both hardware and software.

If Apple and Google got rid of Twitter from their app stores, Elon Musk says he would be willing to create a smartphone to compete with them.

In a recent Twitter discussion about the possible implications of Apple and Google removing Twitter from their app stores, Musk said he will create an alternative phone. In his tweet, he said that he certainly hopes it does not come to have to make an alternative phone but if there is no other choice, then yes, he will make one.

Musk has positioned himself as an advocate for free speech, and the discussion began when some users on Twitter claimed that Apple and Google operating systems could be violating user privacy.

Right now, Elon Musk is preoccupied with space travel, electric vehicles, and tunnels. But who’s to say he won’t suddenly get into smartphone manufacturing or introduce his own operating system for phones? He even teased the idea of purchasing Twitter in a tweet.

Apple and Google operate the iOS and Android operating systems, which are two of the most successful in smartphone history. The companies have gone through a 1.5 decade-long evolution in operating systems. Although building a new operating system is difficult, pushing its adoption across markets may be even harder.

Because Apple and Google hold large amounts of power in the app industry, they are able to charge high fees for app purchases. However, this is beginning to change as more countries and organizations are advocating for developers.

Elon Musk recently spoke out about the duopoly of the companies on the App ecosystem, saying that “App store fees are obviously too high due to the iOS/Android duopoly. It is a hidden 30% tax on the Internet.”

After Phil Schiller, an executive at Apple App Store, deleted his Twitter account, people began to suspect that the app might be removed from the store. Another reason for this suspicion is that there is no moderation council for the app.

Earlier this week, Musk had promised to set up a council to make policies around moderation. However, he abruptly changed his mind saying that ‘political/social activists’ have broken their side of the deal.

The tech world is eagerly awaiting to see if Elon Musk produces an alternative smartphone. He has a track record of success with innovative products and services, so it will certainly be interesting to see how the market responds to his project. Only time will tell.

So far, neither Apple nor Google have responded to Musk’s comments about their app store fees. It remains to be seen if they will change their current policies or respond to the challenge of Musk’s potential new product.

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