FMCG makers hopeful by early trends from winter products

FMCG companies are seeing promising trends in sales for their winter product lines and expect even more growth as the weather gets colder. They’re optimistic about increased consumption from rural areas.

Dabur, Emami, and Marico are all noticing an uptick in sales for their winter-related product lines, which include items like skin care products and immunity-boosting chyawanprash and honey.

In addition, the manufacturers are also anticipating rural sales to rebound in the upcoming quarters helped by a good harvest and an easing of general inflation. Winter products are doing well on modern channels such as e-commerce and contemporary trade channels.

Marico’s Chief Operating Officer of India Business and CEO of New Business, Sanjay Mishra states that winter is a crucial season for some products in their portfolio, such as body lotion and the Saffola Immuniveda range–especially coming from the northern region.

Mishra told PTI-

“This year again we have seen consumption going up for both of these as we enter winter.”

He further added-

“Therefore, this winter season we are confident to see over 50 percent Y-o-Y increase in demand growth in the body lotion category. Saffola Honey & Saffola Immuniveda Chyawanprash have also traditionally seen upwards movement in this season.”

Over the past winter, Marico has experienced an increase in sales and consumer demand for its hair oil products through channels such as modern trade outlets and e-commerce platforms.

In the last couple of months, Marico’s body lotion sales have doubled compared to the same period last year.

The Chief Operating Officer of Dabur India Limited, Adarsh Sharma, said that the festivities this year have given a “little glimmer of hope” and in preparation for winter, the company has stocked its shelves with products like Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey, and the Gulabari winter range of skincare items.

Sharma also said-

“While these are still early days of winter, the initial demand for our winter products is steady. If it turns out to be a good winter, we should see demand accelerate further.”

Although demand in rural markets still falls behind that of urban ones, he said: “with a good harvest this season, we’re expecting rural growth to recover somewhat in the next quarter.”

In a statement, Vinod Rao, Emami Sales-CCD President stated-

“Winter portfolio has witnessed comparatively a good loading this year in Sept and Oct in anticipation of a good winter season.”

Despite the inflation-led demand challenges, Rao still believes that Emami’s winter brands will sell well in rural and wholesale channels. He also said-

“We are witnessing a higher momentum in our LUP and mid-priced packs, which we expect to contribute significantly to the wholesale and rural channel. Large pack contribution has also grown significantly over last year’s same period.”

Emami is seeing success in its winter lineup, which is selling well in outlets such as Modern Trade and e-commerce.

Overall, it appears that FMCG companies are optimistic about their winter product lines and the demand in rural areas. With a good harvest season and easing of inflationary pressures, they’re expecting to see an even greater uptick in sales as we move into the colder months.

Only time will tell if they’re right. But for now, the future looks bright.

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