Google plans to launch 20 AI products, with search bot demo on its way

Google is scrambling to catch up on AI services, as OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot gains traction with users. According to the recent New York Times report, Google plans to introduce a version of their search engine that includes chatbot features in 2023. In addition, they are also committed to launching more than 20 projects this year alone that have been powered by artificial intelligence technology.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence as to when Google would release its AI search demo, previous events such as their annual I/O have seen features like Duplex and Google Glass released in May. As such, there is a strong chance that this could be when we see the all-important launch take place.

What features will Google offer to its users?

The demo for the chatbot search revealed that Google places immense importance on fact-checking and safety to combat misinformation, which was reported recently. Also, it is striving to accelerate review processes to make sure that its technology works fairly and ethically.

Subsequently, Google declared that:

“The issue of AI responding to queries confidently and clearly with bad information is our motive behind this chatbot.”

Google had recently declared not to release several AI services due to its reputation, however, the scenario has altered now as indicated by one of its confidential sources. Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company laid off more than 12,000 personnel to perfect their Artificial Intelligence indulgence in an attempt to outdo models such as ChatGPT – according to a few experts.

As stated in the report, this new product launch was presented by a panel of executives including Jeff Dean. He is responsible for running their research and AI department as well as his own image generation studio that produces and changes images. Currently, they are developing PaLM-Coder 2 – a code generator similar to Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot software, plus Colab + Android Studio which assists with creating apps for mobile devices.

The founders of Google are concerned about the increasing dominance of ChatGPT in the online space. According to a New York Times report, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin expressed concern over ChatGPT’s rise in popularity.

As the controlling shareholders of Alphabet (Google’s parent company), these two tech moguls offered advice to executives at their firm, approved plans, and even proposed ideas during last month’s meeting about this new chatbot technology.

Google is certainly preparing to go all-in on AI and machine learning, with their upcoming 20 projects set to launch shortly. It will be interesting to see how this changes their search engine and what other products they offer – only time will tell!

Google’s move into the world of AI technology is an exciting one, and it will be interesting to see what features their products have in store for us. With the search bot demo on its way, we can all look forward to a more advanced Google experience. Stay tuned!

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