Health food maker Lil’Goodness announces the launch of Disney, Marvel-inspired Products

In order to change the snacking habits of children, health-food company Lil’Goodness has announced its newest line of products inspired by famous Disney and Marvel characters.

The company is releasing a series of prebiotic chocolates and extruded snacks, with some iconic Disney and Marvel characters on the packaging.

Lil’Goodness will launch a new on-pack innovation that allows the packaging to be reused as a Marvel character collectible item. This will significantly reduce the amount of waste produced and improve the sustainability impact of each pack.

The packs will also include a digital gamification experience that will teach younger generations about healthy snacking.

Since its launch in March of 2020, Lil’Goodness has been at the forefront of prebiotic chocolate bars, super grain-based puffs, and milkshakes.

Their prebiotic chocolates contain fibers from vegetarian sources that nourish the growth of healthy gut bacteria. With nine delicious variants, including four sweetened with palm jaggery, we’ve sold over two million packs since our launch in October 2020.

Lil’Goodness was the first to introduce premium, dark chocolate with 56% cocoa and prebiotics in India at an affordable price of Rs. 20. Their products are made from top-notch ingredients, such as real cocoa butter instead of the lower-quality vegetable oil used by other companies that cost a similar amount.

The palm jaggery sweetened prebiotic chocolates are made using cocoa beans from a single country of origin, India. The cocoa is sourced ethically and sustainably from farms in Karnataka.

This snack is healthy and nutritious, containing 50% super grains teff, and quinoa. These grains provide essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, Vitamin C, Zinc, and 12g of proteins in 100g. The snack contains zero cholesterol, trans fats, and zero preservatives.

This snack is made with teff, a super grain that is one of the smallest grains in the world. Teff is well known for its high iron and protein content, which makes it a popular choice among endurance athletes. Additionally, teff has a low glycemic index, making it a balanced and tasty snack that kids and adults can enjoy anytime.

Super grain puffs are designed to bring premium healthy snacking within affordable reach, starting at Rs. 30 for a 30g pack.

Harshavardhan S, founder & chief executive officer, Lil’Goodness said in a statement-

“It’s an exciting collaboration that brings together the fun and magic of Disney in our endeavors to popularize healthy snacking habits.”

While talking about their new lines of products, Damanbir Singh, chief product officer, and co-founder, Lil’Goodness also said-

“The celebrated Disney and Marvel characters on the packets of our popular products will spark an instant connection with fans of all age groups, especially kids and teens. We will infuse the Power of Goodness in our products and marketing campaigns to create awareness about good nutrition among millennial families. Each of the Disney and Marvel characters brings a certain Goodness that deeply resonates with what Lil’Goodness stands for as a brand. We have made these packs fun, and exciting without losing sight of the basic ethos of nutrition.”

He further added-

“During this period, we will be launching a refreshed range of our prebiotic chocolates with new flavors, and extruded snacks using the super grain teff which we launched in India. The innovative pack designs are a showcase of how we can create fun experiences while reducing the environmental footprint of packaging waste, by converting it into a simple collectible that kids or even us adults would love to play around with while improving gross motor skills and bringing the entire family together in assembling the characters from the pack.”

This month, Lil’Goodness’s wholesome new exciting line of snacks will be available online, on digital marketplaces, and in department stores, modern retail stores, and Kirana stores across major cities. 2800 outlets are spanned across cities, states, and regions including Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gujarat, and the North East.

By adding Disney and Marvel characters to its product lineup, Lil’Goodness has taken a big step forward in making its products magical and fun while remaining healthy and nutritious. With their eye-catching packaging, these snacks are sure to become the go-to for kids and adults alike.

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