Honda to launch electric version of ‘Activa’ in March 2024

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) announced Monday their plans of launching a revolutionary electric scooter as early as March 2024, and they are also in the process of creating accessible charging infrastructure to accommodate this.

During a press conference to announce the launch of the new Activa, Atsushi Ogata, MD and President & CEO of HMSI affirmed that-

“It will not be far away from the launch of the first model. So, in a very short period, we will launch new products… The concept is futuristic Activa. We will launch a mid-range electric scooter first and then a high-speed one.”

Ogata explained that their first EV is expected to have a fixed battery, and the second one will be outfitted with an exchangeable battery system.

When questioned about why they are late entrants into the electric vehicle market when compared to other companies, he responded by pointing out that HMSI has been devoting much of its efforts over the past three years “making sure the company’s constitution is strong” – especially concerning charging infrastructure.

At present, the company operates in excess of 6,000 outlets and will decide on further expansion based on current market conditions.

Ogata declared that the corporation is aiming to expand its presence in the entry-level motorcycle sector with the launch of a 100cc bike next month. Currently, they only have three models in this segment between 100-125 cc – ‘CD 110’, ‘CB Shine’ and ‘SP125’.

Ogata predicted that the rural market demand and overall two-wheeler industry in India will reach its maximum of 20 million units by 2028, which is currently estimated to be 16 million.

To broaden its consumer base, the company unveiled three different versions of Activa: standard, deluxe, and smart. The starting price (excluding showroom fee) in Delhi is ₹74,536 for the standard model; ₹77,036 for the deluxe variant; and a whopping ₹80,537 on their top-of-the-line smart version!

As of April 2021, vehicles must be equipped with an OBD device for monitoring real-time driving emissions. This technology scrutinizes vital components such as the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors to make certain that emission levels remain within EPA standards. In any instance where emissions surpass these parameters, warning indicators will alert drivers that their vehicle needs service immediately.

HMSI is making sure to keep up with the latest technological advancements in order to make their vehicles cleaner, efficient, and more cost-effective. Clearly the company is not letting anything like the pandemic slow them down!

It’s exciting times ahead for two-wheelers as Honda continues to revolutionize the industry.

Stay tuned for more developments!

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