Icoma shows off a suitcase-sized electric Transformer-style motorbike

Icoma’s Tatamal bike is nothing short of phenomenal: from a suitcase-sized square to an electric motorcycle in just moments! With only three hours to charge, you can expect up to 18 miles on your journey. It’s no wonder Tatamal has become so popular; it truly revolutionizes commuting and travel!

While the electric bike is aesthetically pleasing, it fails to meet its purpose effectively. Not only does it look bizarre when being ridden, but also provides scant value for money compared with other available alternatives. Consequently, this product may not be the best choice for most consumers.

At a cost of $4,000, this electric kick scooter is amongst the most expensive on the market. Yet it does not provide any additional portability benefits that some higher-end models do. It’ll be intriguing to discover who will purchase such an item and why!

As a passionate motorcyclist, I was perplexed by this device. Weighing in at 110 pounds, it’s undeniably heavy and not feasible to haul onto public transportation or even fit in the trunk of your car.

The bike is equipped with mini 10-inch wheels, which makes it a better choice than other scooter options; however, on bumpy roads the experience isn’t going to be great. The company informs us that the bike is still being fine-tuned and will eventually launch officially later this year.

Reach insane speeds of up to 25 mph with the 600W motor (max output 2,000 watts) and 12Ah 51V battery pack. Worried about your tech running out of juice? Don’t be! The bike has built-in USB & AC ports so you can charge phones, laptops, or even power a margarita blender in an emergency – all on two wheels!

All in all, the electric bike appears to be almost undecided when it comes to its purpose and who needs one. Yes, it looks pretty cool but you could come across as a bit ridiculous riding on this bike. And compared with other options out there, the specs and price are not quite up-to-par.

We’ll have to wait and see if things change in the future!

Ultimately, Icoma has presented a novel concept with their electric Transformer-style motorbike.

Whether you find it interesting or not, one thing is for sure – this concept has sparked new conversations about the future of electric transportation. We can’t wait to see what comes next!

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