In a first, Assam allows private vehicles to run as UberPool or OlaShare

Thursday marked a historical decision by the Assam Cabinet- from now on, private vehicle owners are allowed to operate their cars as an UberPool, OlaShare, or any other type of aggregator without having to change their number plates.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated in a briefing that the state Cabinet has decided to allow people to utilize their private vehicles for cab service.

The chief minister said that from now on, anyone with a two-wheeler can make up to four trips in one day–even if they have a private number plate. However, private vehicles will need to be affiliated with taxi rental service providers.

This move will help people, including students, to earn extra income from their regular duties, the chief minister said.

The state government plans to allow the Integration of motorcycle taxis into aggregators, including non-transport motorcycles, with the introduction of ‘Assam Motor Vehicle Aggregator Rules’.

The new rules not only apply to city-licensed aggregators but will also improve shared mobility by promoting carpooling.

The chief minister said that, in addition to this, the Cabinet has also decided to allow people with four-wheelers to do pooling services. If one person is traveling to their office in a private car, they can now pick up four passengers on the way – this can be referred to as a pool service.

People can now use ride-hailing aggregators Ola and Uber to join their private vehicles with a message such as – the car is available at 10 am and while returning at 5 pm. The message will help the service providers connect passengers with an available vehicle for the ride.

The Assam government is hoping that the new rules will provide an alternate source of income to the people, while also reducing traffic congestion in the state. This decision is also a huge step forward in achieving the state’s goal of providing accessible and affordable transportation to its citizens.

This move will help in creating job opportunities for people and decreasing the number of cars on the road, which in turn will help in reducing air pollution.

The Assam government’s decision is a revolutionary step towards modernizing transportation in the state. It will make commuting easier, safer, and more convenient for people. This move is likely to change the way we think about transportation in Assam.

The decision will be implemented soon, and the citizens of Assam can now look forward to being able to utilize their private vehicles for cab service.

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