ITC Sunfeast Mom’s Magic’s new campaign shares happiness hack

In this day and age of hectic schedules, stress is an unavoidable reality for many. The majority turn to online content, gaming, and social media platforms as a way to wind down and relax – but unfortunately in doing so parents are being neglected. With all the obligations we must meet at work or socially, family time with mom & dad is becoming less common.

Recent research conducted by ITC Sunfeast Mom’s Magic reveals a powerful elixir for stress relief: hugging your mother. Surprisingly, this simple gesture can significantly increase one’s happiness levels in an instant!

Unveiling their mission to promote the importance of hugging one’s mom, Sunfeast Mom’s Magic has launched an awareness campaign, titled #HugHerMore. With help from Crownit, they surveyed 321 participants across Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai to recognize how often people embrace their moms today compared to before.

Our survey was completed by participants in the 13-35 age range, both male and female. We further divided responses into four categories: students, professionals, homemakers, and individuals living with or without their parents.

Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer of the Biscuits & Cakes Cluster in ITC’s Foods Division, shared her thoughts regarding the survey and social experiment campaign:

“Hugging is an expression of love, and integral for bonding between a mother and her children. As we grow older and life catches up, physical closeness with our moms, significantly reduces. The gap just keeps increasing, leading to loneliness for mothers, as kids become more independent…”

Through the Happiness Hack Experiment, researchers are uncovering how much joy people experience when they embrace their mothers. Using state-of-the-art brain tracking technology, participants can gain insight into exactly how much of a boost in happiness is produced from such an act of love and gratitude.

Puneet Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy South, commented on the social experiment by saying-

“We are constantly seeking new ways of getting happiness rushes to overcome our busy and stressful lifestyles. For this, we often turn to technology and screens. While tech can provide us with temporary spikes of happiness, true happiness always seems to be illusive. With our screen time going through the roof, it is time we turn to genuine human connections. It is time we turn to what I feel is the ultimate source of happiness, the source we came from – our moms. The idea was set up as a decoy experiment, with tech being an ally. The social experiment reinforced the magical effect of a mom’s hug on the participant.”

How this campaign is helping to build bridges between mothers and their children is remarkable! With many people becoming increasingly busy with work and other commitments, this campaign helps remind us to take time away from screens and spend more quality time with our mothers.

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