J&T Express announces Lionel Messi as Global Brand Ambassador

Today marks a historic day for J&T Express – they have just announced that they have chosen the legendary footballer Lionel Messi as their global brand ambassador.

In a statement, J&T Express said that Lionel Messi is an inspirational figure and role model to millions of people around the world, and they are delighted to have him on board as their ambassador.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner knows what it takes to succeed–hard work and dedication. This is why he resonates with J&T Express, a company that also pursues excellence relentlessly.

Similar to how J&T Express pledged to continue aiding the areas it operates within, Messi strongly believes in helping society as a whole–as shown by his charitable donations and top scorer status.

Messi cites his performance, both during gameplay and away from the sport to the team’s collaborative effort. J&T Express shares a similar goal of providing customers with technologically-advanced solutions globally through working closely with local network allies.

By partnering with J&T Express, Messi will spread the word about J&T Express not only as a top-tier logistics company but also as a one-stop e-commerce specialist. They excel in every area of the supply chain and are always working towards being better than they were before – an attitude that has earned them the title of “true champion.”

While talking about this announcement Global Branding Director of J&T Express, Rachel Liu, said-

“We are honored and excited to collaborate with Lionel Messi as our global ambassador. He is a generational athlete whose work ethic, humility, and dedication align with the values that we imbue at J&T Express. Through his grit and accomplishments, Messi is an inspiration to many. This resonates deeply with our values of building a caring, responsible and sustainable business.”

Messi spoke about this collaboration, saying

“J&T Express has made remarkable achievements since its launch. We share many similarities in our passion and determination to never stop improving. Just as the sport of football unites millions across the globe, J&T Express seeks to develop logistic solutions to connect its customers to the world. I look forward to being part of this journey.”

J&T Express’ partnering up with Messi will work to better improve the company’s image while promoting greater awareness of its offerings. By doing so, it hopes to help contribute positively towards changing how logistics service providers function as a whole.

#JTBetterTogether is the theme of a series of social media and marketing campaigns that J&T Express, a logistics service provider, launched in conjunction with the festive season and Messi’s addition to the company. The holidays are always a hectic time, but this year J&TExpress is making it easier for shoppers by promising faster-than-ever shipping times.

J&T Express is a global logistics service provider with expansive express delivery businesses in both Southeast Asia and China.

J&T Express was established in 2015 and has package distribution centers spanning thirteen countries, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, etc.

This partnership marks a new journey and milestone for both Lionel Messi and J&T Express, and how both of them will continue to pursue excellence with each other in the future.

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