L’Oréal’s Motorized Makeup Applicator Is Designed for People With Limited Mobility

L’Oréal is making a bold statement of inclusion by developing and introducing an innovative, motorized lipstick tool specifically designed for those with limited mobility.

At the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, the French beauty giant unveiled their innovative Hapta applicator and Brow Magic device. The former uses computerized technology to apply makeup, while the latter leverages augmented reality to assist customers in perfecting eyebrow mapping and definition.

Continuing its legacy of blending technology with beauty, L’Oreal has unveiled revolutionary new tools that leverage Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to deliver superior results.

With the Hapta device, users can easily apply lipstick with easy-to-use and customizable motion controls. This innovative technology is designed to level and stabilize the cosmetics while being brought closer to your lips—making it perfect for those who are frequently hindered by limited motor abilities. Utilizing principles of Verily Life Sciences’ Liftware eating utensils line, this device provides a simple yet improved experience when applying lip products.

Guive Balooch, global vice president of L’Oréal Technology Incubator, shared with Adweek that the Hapta device was inspired by everyday utensils created for disabled individuals and communities alike who requested a similar product to apply makeup.

Balooch said in a statement-

“The community behind Liftware, who were already using their spoon and fork, were the ones that were requesting technology that would allow them to apply makeup. About one in ten people live with some type of motor skill limitation, which is an enormous population of people, and what we can tell is that something as simple as putting on a lipstick or mascara can completely change someone’s self confidence.”

L’Oreal has revolutionized the way we care for our eyebrows with Brow Magic. Using AR technology from ModiFace and Prinker, this handheld device is capable of scanning a user’s face to recommend microblading, shading or filler effects with an impressive resolution of up to 1,200 dots per inch! Featuring 2,400 tiny ink nozzles on its interior; it allows you to easily and accurately apply eyebrow enhancing results in seconds!

For those interested in experiencing the power of these advancements in beauty technology, L’Oréal’s Hapta and Brow Magic devices are both expected to be released later this year. It sounds like 2023 will be filled with beauty breakthroughs that have been so long overdue.

Here’s to embracing beauty in all its forms!

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