Mahindra Uses Power Of Children In #TogetherWeRise Campaign, Draws Attention To Sustainability, Climate Change

Visualize the future children gazing right back at you through a child’s eyes. Imagine them inquiring what type of world your business is striving to create for them.

What kind of environment do you intend to leave for future generations? Do you envision a greener, healthier Earth or one that is plundered and polluted with excess carbon in the air? Is your vision of tomorrow’s world characterized by diversity, acceptance, and equality among all individuals regardless of gender or race -or will it be plagued with discrimination based on disparities between people? Does your business work towards contributing to those suffering from economic hardship or does its mission prioritize building wealth without considering others’ needs?

The most pressing inquiry of all is: Are we creating a more advanced tomorrow? And, what kind of future are you helping to build today through your business?

Children are the echoes of our tomorrow. They will be the ones to establish a bright and better future, by being powerful thought-leaders that influence opinions and decisions. As consumers of their time in history, they have an invaluable role in driving growth for coming generations.

The items they consume will mainly be based on what brand image is instilled in them as they mature into adults. Presently, sustainability and climate protection initiatives by businesses are essential to creating the perception of either being a “for-Earth” or “against-Earth” company; thus, it’s critical for companies to not only focus on sustainability but also pay attention to the youth whose voices are driving these efforts.

Mahindra Group has launched an ambitious and inspiring campaign, #TogetherWeRise. These compelling voices of tomorrow’s consumers bring together people from a variety of backgrounds to ask the business world one important question: is your organization diverse and inclusive? Does it support social responsibility? Is it committed to protecting our planet? Has it taken measures to give back to society in meaningful ways?

Mahindra’s #TogetherWeRise campaign features a clever poem about the pressure businesses face to improve the world and be more socially conscious. A child leads off by demanding that companies must make products responsibly, while another adds on with an appeal against depleting natural resources. The closing lines are most powerful: why not send a woman to Mars instead of yet another man? This call for gender inclusion drives home Mahindra’s mission of inspiring change through their creative content and advertising campaigns.

In this day and age, brands must not only be driven by maximizing profits but also by taking responsibility for the environment. Businesses ought to adopt sustainability and climate protection initiatives in order to ensure that all facets of their operations are aligned with these goals. It is essential for them to answer these critical questions if they wish to remain successful long-term.

Companies must take responsibility for minimizing their carbon footprint and its impact on the natural environment. Even if environmental changes occur, businesses should increase efforts to restore balance in nature. To achieve this, countermeasures need to be implemented swiftly.

Companies of the future must adapt their “purpose” to be in line with today’s conditions. They should pay close attention to three major changes going on globally: climate change, technological advancements resulting in disruption, and increased value for businesses that prioritize ESG initiatives as well as technology practices.

Three central components are enabling “businesses for the future” to provide services to the ever-evolving individual, all while striving towards a greater purpose: creating a better world. Henceforth, let’s join forces and rise together! #TogetherWeRise!

Mahindra’s #TogetherWeRise campaign is not only rhetoric, but a reflection of the group’s commitment in putting words into action. The company has already been taking steps towards sustainability and combatting climate change through its past deeds and future plans. This movement serves as an example to all organizations that it is possible to make a positive impact on the world.

The Mahindra Group is dedicated to accomplishing carbon neutrality by 2040 through their commitment to energy efficiency and renewable power sources. In fact, they have already surpassed expectations as they are now water-positive at the group level– meaning that they store more water than what was used in the first place.

The group has accomplished a number of sustainability milestones. It was the first company to join EP100, which commits it to doubling energy productivity by 2030 relative to 2005’s baseline. Additionally, this organization became India’s inaugural business entity that adopted a carbon pricing model; an effective system for businesses aiming at reducing emissions and operating costs while implementing low-carbon technology innovations.

The Mahindra Igatpuri plant is a shining example, leading the way as India’s first carbon-neutral and Zero Waste to Landfill factory. Additionally, CERO – another company of the Mahindra Group – has made history by becoming India’s inaugural authorised vehicle recycler with an impressive 4000 vehicles recycled in 2021–22!

Mahindra Lifespaces’ Eden, located in Bengaluru, has set a new standard as India’s first net-zero energy home development project. Mahindra Heavy Engines was the pioneer Indian company to earn EP100 status in 2020 and this year Mahindra & Mahindra became the country’s only auto firm included on the World Index list of companies featured by Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for two consecutive years. Plus, Tech Mahindra is celebrating its eighth straight year on that same index!

Last year, the group experienced a remarkable 55% increase in renewable energy (RE) usage to bring their cumulative RE share of electricity power mix up to 12%. However, they anticipate an even greater accomplishment this coming year; reaching 40% with the addition of a 60 MW solar power plant. Additionally, 1.3 million trees were planted under Project Haryali for an overall total of 20.65 million since its inception and Mahindra Ag North America’s Houston facilities made the switch over towards 100% renewable energy as well!

The Mahindra Group recognizes that pursuing sustainability not only benefits the planet, but also makes for good business. After all, what creates value can lead to profit and investing in the environment ultimately leads to profits for the company. It’s a win-win situation!

With the #TogetherWeRise campaign, Mahindra not only highlights their 77-year-old values but also provides a contemporary voice that speaks to future generations. Through this initiative, they call on businesses to consider how essential it is for children today to trust brands and be confident in purchases without hesitation. This thought provoking movement leaves us all with much food for thought.

The youthful voices featured in the #TogetherWeRise video may seem innocent and sincere, but their messages are powerful enough to travel far and wide. Even a whisper of motivation has the potential to become an anthem for change.

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