Mercedes-Benz India rolls out electric and hydrocarbon fuel SUVs

Mercedes-Benz India has just announced the launch of its first electric and hydrocarbon fuel SUVs in the Indian market. The two of their latest SUVs — the hydrocarbon-burning GLBs and its electric cousin EQB — mark a milestone in the carmaker’s eco-friendly and sustainable journey.

The new models are designed to provide an eco-friendly and efficient solution to urban mobility in India. In addition, they come with a range of advanced features and technologies that are designed to make the driving experience more pleasurable.

As you can see, the carmaker is presenting options for many luxury car buyers, including those interested in SUVs and EVs. The EQB is the third EV that the company has launched this year, after the EQC and before the EQS.

Mercedes is now able to offer buyers a realistic, trouble-free option for their journey with the implementation of new supporting systems. The SUVs are now covering the entire luxury segment with two smaller seven-seaters that come in petrol, diesel, and electric versions. This way, we have all of the main fuel options covered.

Both the GLB and EQB are similar in many ways. They’re both built on the same platform and share a lot of components. You could think of them as electric and gas-powered versions of the same car.

The third-row seating in both cars is technically for seven people, although Mercedes-Benz says it’s better suited to children or smaller adults. An average adult might find it quite cramped and uncomfortable, so it’s best to avoid that row if possible. In terms of size, the two cars are about equal.

In short, the two SUVs are quite alike to one another except for the powertrain and a few other adjustments that had to be made because of this distinction. Furthermore, they operate much differently than each other as you would expect from electric and IC engine-powered vehicles.

The Exterior

Although the EQB and GLB are not small, they aren’t too big either. You will only sometimes need to stop and let cars pass on less than generous mountain roads, but that is more of a precaution than a real necessity. With seven seats, these cars appear longish with a substantial amount of side glass area supported by a broad shoulder line.

The GLB has a clean, smooth look with subtle references to performance like the two bulges under the bonnet. The GLB has the standard front intake with a star-studded grille, while the EQB’s is a sleek black. The latter needs less air cooling overall.

Because the EQB needs to be able to move through the air more easily to increase its driving range, the grille and headlamps have a significantly different look. Even though both the GLB and EQB ride on 5-spoke alloys, there are still options for customization.

Appealing to those who love cars, the GLB has two exhaust tips that allude to a high-performing engine. The hatch door is also different; while the EQB is smooth, the registration plate has been moved into the bumper. They’re both good-looking vehicles.

The Interiors

The passenger area is the epitome of what Mercedes-Benz means. The design and layout in front of the driver and front seat passenger couldn’t have come from any other car company. For example, while the GLB we drove had black upholstery with red accents,  the EQB came equipped with its own unique rose gold interior trim that’s found on vehicles painted this color.

In addition, the whole interior looks luxurious, from the sound of the door closing to the switches (thankfully not everything has been replaced by touchscreens!) to quality seats and materials throughout. The EQB has an interesting multicolored LED backlight in the dash while there is a carbon fiber-style finish in the GLB.

The three rows in the front of the house are the best seats. The second row is good with five seats, but it becomes difficult to manage when there are seven people. With too much space given to the last row, those in the middle will feel cramped. However, if you can get past that, then the seats offer a lot of space and comfort.

Although USB-C has replaced old-school USB, there are still plenty of charging ports and cubby holes for all sorts of gadgets.

The windows are large, which along with the panoramic sunroof gave the cabin a breezy feeling. The seats in the EQB model sit lower than in the GLB to make space for the battery under the flooring.

On the road

Usually, on hilly roads, vehicles that are too big require extra stopping or slowing down time; whereas smaller vehicles can zip through more easily. And this is where the GLB and EQB are going to pleasantly surprise.

Both of them are so easy to handle that you feel like whipping them around corners. With the paddle shifters in the GLB, shifting up and down gears is an enjoyable experience, even if it does mean sacrificing a bit of fuel efficiency. As suggested by The Telegraph Online.

The EQB requires a unique driving style that allows the car to do more, which is distinctly different from other models. Even though there’s still some required effort while driving, it’s minimal in comparison; so much so that you might have to look for things to occupy your time, like changing the song or tinkering with the touchpad.

If you’re ever feeling bored on the road, test out this car’s limits bypassing some of the other vehicles. All it takes is a little pressure on the gas pedal since there’s so much low-end torque, and before you know it, you’ll be zipping through traffic again. Its acceleration is addicting – every time you get slowed down by surrounding cars, you’ll be eager to experience that speed once more.

Insulating passengers and providing driver feedback are both qualities that anyone looks for in a good ride. Fortunately, these two SUVs excel in those areas.

As you may have already guessed, the experts thought that both packages were great. Now that we know how much it will cost, it seems like an even better deal. It’s not the cheapest option out there, but it does seem to be a good value for the money.

The world’s most luxurious and advanced cars are from Mercedes-Benz, and these two SUVs are no different. We can’t wait to see what other features they come up with in the future as they continue to push the boundaries of innovation.

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