MG’s Maze concept ideates next-gen mobile gaming: All details

MG Maze, the revolutionary concept car from MG, has earned an exclusive Red Dot of Play and Games for 2022. This innovative vehicle combines augmented reality with technology to offer a unique experience that no other automobile can match!

With augmented reality, the user is invited to comprehend their environment with a brand new outlook and consider how the world around them could be both digital in addition to physical.

As proposed by MG, the brand envisions a next-level gaming experience that capitalizes on projecting a virtual map onto the ground directly in front of your car and viewable through an expansive open panel situated within its exterior.

The map lies at the foundation of a genuinely captivating exploration experience, with its 3D landmarks and routes that stand out in vivid detail. To gain an even better sense of this adventure-inspiring tool, take a look at the video clip shared by the brand for your viewing pleasure-

The concept of this project is centered around the user experience, giving users rewards for their time spent with MG and its vehicles. To illustrate each person’s progress and to foster friendly competition, personalities and accomplishments are showcased on the side and front corners of the car. This encourages recognition among peers while promoting a fun yet competitive atmosphere that adds an extra layer of excitement to driving one’s own vehicle.

MG believes that mobility should not be seen as a mundane and stressful journey from point A to B, but rather an enjoyable experience. In an era of overcrowded public transit, the concept of driving for leisure is fading away. The younger generation desires a new, captivating and pertinent experience on their journey.

Hence, MAZE’s transparent body helps the passengers to feel more appreciative of their surroundings, offering a new open perspective on the world around them.

With augmented reality, users can easily distinguish between real and virtual objects while enjoying the experience to its fullest potential. MG has outdone itself with this project and has taken mobile gaming to the next level. We can’t wait to see what more they come up with!

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