Musk auctions Twitter HQ items; Twitter bird statue fetches $100,000

Wednesday marked the beginning of a 27-hour online auction hosted by new Twitter CEO Elon Musk, with an array of offerings from the company’s San Francisco headquarters including furniture, decorations, kitchen items and more. In incredible news reported by AFP, even a single Twitter bird statue sold for $100K!

After a lightning-fast auction lasting only 24 hours, the iconic 10-foot tall Twitter bird logo fashioned from neon light garnered an astounding winning bid of $40,000 for surplus corporate assets belonging to Twitter. Heritage Global Partners was in charge of conducting the sale.

From televisions to ergonomic desks, and even a “@” shaped planter – the 631 lots had something for everyone. Among them were espresso machines, bicycle-powered charging stations, and even a pizza oven!

In an effort to reduce expenses, Musk has neglected to pay rent for another San Francisco location and is now facing a lawsuit. Furthermore, employees of the company’s Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore have been asked to leave the office and work remotely due to financial constraints. This impactful decision was reported by Bloomberg.

As he began his hunt for a CEO to lead Twitter through its tumultuous period, Musk proclaimed in December that drastic cost reductions had remedied the organization’s dire financial state. To reduce expenses and maximize revenue, he is introducing Twitter Blue — a revolutionary $8 subscription service.

It appears that Musk’s efforts to streamline the company are paying off. With the success of Wednesday’s auction, Twitter is now in a better financial position to carry out its mission of connecting the world.

It’s no wonder that the Twitter bird statue sold for such a high price – a symbol of the company’s resilience and fortitude in times of trouble! As Twitter continues its journey toward a digital revolution, we can only hope that Musk’s leadership will guide it to unprecedented success.

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