New Balance campaign promises rewards come to those who run

As a new year commences and the British public starts their resolutions to get fit, New Balance is setting out on an inspiring mission; to encourage runners to ‘Runlock’ all of the rewards that come along with running.

Our campaign, which is also active in Germany and France, affirms the research that running regularly can vastly improve both physical and mental health. Furthermore, numerous personal accounts have confirmed its positive effects.

With the aim of inspiring runners at every level, Mediahub, MullenLowe and New Balance have united to launch ‘Rewards Come To Those Who Run’, an invigorating campaign.

The New Balance campaign will be broadcasted on digital out-of-home (DOOH) platforms, as well as display and social ads. It consists of branded lockers that are designed to pique the curiosity of viewers – tempting them with rewards for pursuing their running goals both mentally and physically.

Claire Hollands, the Managing Director at MullenLowe, commented that this campaign is a rare find. It speaks to all runners’ experience–not just the professionals’. She remarked:

“So often sports campaigns are about performance. We see people running up mountains or scaling buildings – even though this isn’t a reality for most of us. With this campaign, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to encourage and empower everyone to run. It’s one of the most accessible sports and has phenomenal physical and mental benefits. The core purpose of this campaign is to get more people experiencing them.”

Our campaign reinforces the original concept through our partnership with Strava and we are excited to launch our ‘30 km in 30 days challenge’. Our participants will be motivated to run for a total of 30 kilometers within thirty days, which grants them access to multiple prizes.

In the lead up to its debut, Hypebeast teased Europe on a campaign implemented by New Balance. The concept of this project was designed to keep their customers intrigued from first contact until purchase. With New Balance’s influence in the market, they are confident that it will be successful and build lasting relationships with their consumers.

Suri Patel, client partner at Mediahub, stated:

“In activating ‘Runlock’, we are seeking out runners of all types. Reaching into the physical and digital worlds where they discover running and the platforms that make it a habit. Tapping into authentic everyday runners across Europe in the real world and through Strava, a platform that connects them all. Regular or reluctant – running 30k in 30 days is very doable. So it’s a great time to run to unlock the rewards of running with New Balance.”

As this campaign progresses, we anticipate that more people will be encouraged to embrace their inner runner. So why not get involved and join our mission to unlock the rewards of running?

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