Nike shows it’s serious about growing slip-on shoe trend with new Jordan brand easy-entry line

Nike’s Jordan brand took a revolutionary step on Monday, launching its inaugural series of slip-on shoes for youngsters. Numerous brands, such as the venture and Nike-backed Kizik, have been attempting to capitalize on the rising trend for hands-free sneakers; however, none could compare with this innovative line from Nike.

Last week, renowned Sneaker News outlet reported on a cutting-edge Adidas sneaker.

“Slip-on silhouettes have been all the rage throughout 2022.”

The Jordan 23/7 collection is designed with convenience and wearability in mind. You will experience effortless entry into the shoes due to its slip-on feature, along with an adjustable upper for a customizable fit. Enjoy all-day comfort without compromising on style!

According to Tate Kuerbis, the Design Director for Kids Footwear at Jordan Brand, in an official press release

“Part of why we designed the 23/7 is because we wanted to create a shoe that is an everyday part of a kid’s world. Kids want to get into their shoes quickly to get out and play — this shoe enables them to do just that.”

It’s clear that Nike is taking the slip-on shoe trend seriously. With this new line of Jordan slip-ons, the world’s leading sportswear brand is sure to compete with trendsetting brands in the near future. With a range of colors and sizes from small to extra-large, the Jordan 23/7 collection has something for everyone.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to update your look, or want to stay ahead of the trend, grab a pair of Jordan 23/7 slip-on shoes – set to be released on June 1st! You won’t regret it.

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