Ola To Pilot EV Cab Service In Bengaluru With 1,000 Cars

Ola is catapulting into the premium EV domain with a fleet of 10,000 cars in tow. The firm has officially declared that it’s nearing completion on launching its pilot test for this class in just a few weeks!

Ola has recently taken strides to offer a higher, more reliable quality of transportation service. They will be working with only their top rated drivers who guarantee 100% ride assurance and zero cancellations when you book your cab! Plus, all payments are cashless for an even smoother experience. Don’t just take our word for it — Ola promises that every passenger is sure to have a fantastic journey!

Bhavish Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Ola Electric, said in a statement-

“Electrification of the ride hailing fleet is the next frontier for the industry and a huge step in the direction of the future of mobility. Our roadmap of developing in-house core technologies and products that can be leveraged across group level gives us a very strong competitive advantage in the ride hailing business.”

To keep up with the quickly rising popularity of electric vehicles in India, Ola is taking action to make a statement by launching an EV cab service trial in Bengaluru featuring 1,000 cars.

The Ola app will soon feature a brand new EV service, alongside the traditional cabs and autos. This ambitious program is set to begin with 1,000 vehicles in mind; yet its ultimate goal is to have 10,000 electric cars on the roads of this one city within just twelve months!

Ola will obtain cars and rent them to drivers, offering fixed pay as well as a variable salary, the report stated.

Interestingly, Ola is now offering an EV service with no cancellations by drivers. This premium option is a much-needed remedy for Indian ride-hailing customers who frequently experience driver cancellations after booking cabs.

Last October, Ola’s opponent Uber initiated experimenting with their Electric Vehicle cab services in Delhi-NCR. Moreover, BluSmart also offers EV cabs across both regions as well.

As the growth of electric vehicle sales booms in India, Ola’s latest decision is perfectly timed. Vahan data reveals that 10 Lakh units were registered this year – a hefty 300% increase from the 3.2 Lakhs recorded last year! Furthermore, Ola Electric played its part by registering 1,09,252 vehicles within the same period.  With these incredible figures and promising results for EV industry nationwide; there has never been a better time to invest in clean energy technology than now!

Climate change has become an ominous issue over the past few years, propelling governments around the world to promote and support development in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. India’s Centre has been offering subsidies to further encourage EV adoption throughout their nation.

To further enhance domestic EV battery manufacturing, the government has introduced a production-linked incentive scheme. Additionally, many state governments have implemented their own policies to bolster EV adoption across the nation.

Ola Electric, the EV branch of Ola, is ready to launch a diverse arrangement of electric two-wheelers including premium motorcycles in the next couple years. After that ambitious goal has been achieved, their objective then shifts towards introducing an electric car by 2024.

It seems like Ola is set to revolutionize the way people get around, and their new EV cab service in Bengaluru marks the first bold move towards that goal. Let’s wait and see how their plans pan out in the near future!

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