The OnePlus 11 shows its stuff early in an 11th-hour 2022 debut

OnePlus is gearing up for their next big launch with the OnePlus 11 slated to hit stores in 2023. With intense preparation already taking place, expect this device to come out of the gates firing and make a powerful impact when it arrives.

Now that we have a reasonably good understanding of what components are contained within the phone, its potential tactile qualities, whether or not an alert slider will remain in place and when it may be available for purchase; now that we’re finally emerging from the holiday season, company representatives are providing first-hand glimpses of this much anticipated product.

Altogether, these Boxing Day images offer a peek into the two different looks of OnePlus 11 – one with its subtle matte black finish and the other sporting an eye-catching glossy green. Intelligence reports indicate that these are likely to be your only two options!

The Hasselblad camera pad is prominently featured in every shot, providing a clear visual of what it would look like to hold the phone horizontally and still have access to the lenses. There are multiple lifestyle images that depict this feature from different angles for an even deeper understanding.

The OnePlus 10 Pro and OnePlus 10T have seen significant changes in the design department, but we don’t anticipate much alteration with regards to material. Keep up with Android Police and get the scoop on what’s happening with OnePlus 11 – we’ve got you covered right from launch to our detailed review.

It’s hard to believe that the OnePlus 11 is only a few weeks away. As more reports and leaks are released, keep up with Android Police for the latest news and updates. We’ll have everything you need to know about your next OnePlus purchase. Don’t miss out!

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