Several OnePlus users complain about the green line display issue following latest OxygenOS update

After some OnePlus users updated their software, they began to experience green line issues on their displays. This is most likely due to a hardware issue with the connectors or if the device has taken physical damage; however, it is currently unconfirmed.

Among other issues, the recent OxygenOS 13 update for several OnePlus devices is causing a green line to appear onscreen, according to several reports on Twitter. These include the OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 9, and OnePlus 9R – every device in the company’s lineup that’s eligible for this latest update. The good news is that it doesn’t seem like the 10 Pro is affected…at least not yet.

It is unclear if the bug manifests immediately after a user updates their device to the latest OxygenOS build, or if there is some delay, but there is evidently a connection between that particular version and the issue.

If user reports are accurate, then the green line appears even if the device hasn’t been dropped, water-damaged, or mishandled in any way, which is quite odd. Another observation was that all complaints so far seem to come from Indian owners; however, this could have more to do with the fact that OnePlus is so popular in India.

At the moment, we do not have any known solutions for the green line problem. Even though some users claim it’s only occasional for them, the hardware usually causes green lines, and they are typically permanent.

If your device is facing a problem, then taking it to the service center is your best bet. Those units that are still under warranty should be entitled to a free replacement display, but those out of warranty might take some convincing on your part.

OnePlus has yet to comment on the matter, though they are likely aware of this issue at this point. We’ll update you if we hear more from the company. Until then, make sure to keep your eyes open when you’re updating your device in case this issue pops up.

If you are experiencing the green line display issue, feel free to join in on the discussion and see if other users have any insight on the matter. Hopefully, OnePlus will address this issue soon with a software update or offer some kind of resolution for affected users. Stay tuned!

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