Personal Care Brand True Frog Raises Rs 1.65 Cr

True Frog, one of the leading personal care brands in India, has recently raised Rs 1.65 crore ($2,00,000) in a round of funding through a group of angel investors. With this new infusion of cash, True Frog is looking to expand its product line and grow its customer base.

The vegan, skin- and haircare brand that only uses harmful chemicals wants to use the money it received to improve its research infrastructure, expand its product lineup, grow its team size and focus on branding as well as marketing.

Notable figures such as Deep Lalwani (Founder, and CEO of Sublime Life), Rehan Sheik (CEO of Clicktech), Jason Jose (Co-founder and Director at XELPMOC), Saurabh Sharma (Founder and CEO of Future Wagon) have invested in the company.

This is the company’s first time obtaining funding, and they already have a set plan to use the money to expand their product line of curly hair care products.

Along with expanding and strengthening its research infrastructure to target potential and new categories, it also plans to grow its branding and marketing team in order to achieve further success in the clean beauty industry.

Sarika Gawande, Research and Development Head and Co-founder of True Frog, says in a statement-

“From being a formulator to founding True Frog, a clean beauty brand that strives towards creating products accustomed to Indian Hair and Skin brings me immense joy. The response and support from our customers and the beauty industry are inspiring. We intend to excel in the bar set for us as a home-grown brand comparison to the International brands out there.”

With more than 15 items ranging from Cleansers and Moisturizers to Hair Masks, Curl Stylers, and Dandruff Treatments, True Frog plans to cover all your hair and skin care needs.

These items can be bought from online stores such as Amazon, Vanity Wagon, Nykaa, Purplle, and the company’s website.

Chairman & Managing Director of True Frog, Subrata Nag states-

“Two years of True Frog, the journey has been nothing but incredible. We are grateful to all the investors who believed and supported us to lead the path of clean beauty and have inspired us to aim higher and achieve substantially and sustainably.”

The personal care brand has achieved no small feat in a short span of time. With this raise, they are ready to take their products and services to the next level. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

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