Revenue Sharing Is Coming to YouTube Shorts Feb. 1

Starting February 1st, YouTube Shorts creators will be able to start generating income from commercials between each of their videos! Beginning Monday, the revenue sharing program for YouTube Short producers is officially available.

So if you’re making quality content via this platform, don’t miss out on potential earnings – join in on the lucrative monetization opportunities and maximize your profits with an eye-catching feed.

YouTube has rolled out a new revenue-sharing plan that replaces the YouTube Shorts Fund, and participating creators will be expected to obey all of Google’s terms and guidelines. This includes policies on monetization, community guidelines, copyright law observance, program eligibility for AdSense income, content originality requirements and Terms of Service agreement adherence.

To be eligible for revenue sharing, partners seeking to monetize their channels must accept the Shorts Monetization Module by Feb. 1 or after in order to have their corresponding views taken into consideration starting from that date and beyond.

Following are certain types of YouTube Shorts views that won’t be eligible for monetization:

  • From unedited clips from movies and television shows to reuploads of content from other platforms, non-original content can present a difficult challenge for creators. Content compilations with no creative elements are also included in this category.
  • Automated click or scroll bots that generate phony impressions such as views.
  • Opinions that do not abide by the platform’s policies for appropriate advertising content.

In order to explain the revenue-sharing process in detail, the company provided a four step outline-

  • Reap the rewards of ad revenue from Pool Shorts: Each month, money earned from ads featured between videos on the Streams Feed is pooled together and used to both financially compensate creators in addition to covering music licensing costs.
  • Compute the creator pool: After ad revenue from Shorts feed is collected, it will then be distributed into the creator pool in accordance with views and audio utilization across all monetizing creators’ uploaded videos.
  • Whenever a content creator monetizes their Short, any revenue generated from its views is placed into the collective creator pool. If no music is used in the creation of this Short, all earnings are contributed to this shared fund.

For all monetizing creators who upload a Short that entails music, YouTube will divide the revenue of its views between the creator pool and music partners depending on the musical tracks utilized. As outlined by YouTube:

“For example, if a monetizing creator uploads a Short with one track, one-half of the revenue associated with its views would be allocated to the creator pool, and the other half would be used to cover the costs of music licensing. If the Short features two music tracks, then one third of the revenue associated with its views would be allocated to the creator pool, with the other two-thirds used to cover the costs of music licensing.”

Make sure to stay up-to-date with YouTube’s policies and requirements, as they are subject to change. And with the new revenue-sharing plan, you can start to monetize your YouTube Shorts and reap the rewards of this new opportunity!

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