Samsung launches iOT enabled refrigerators with AI Energy Saving Mode, Wi-Fi based machine learning

Presenting Samsung India’s new side-by-side refrigerator range of 2023, exclusively made in India with various features tailored to the Indian customer! This selection has been thoroughly crafted based on thorough insight gathering and research into what our customers need.

These refrigerators boast a 5-in-1 convertible mode – Normal, Seasonal, Extra Fridge, Vacation and Home Alone. Each setting has its own distinct perks; in the normal mode your refrigerator will run both freezer and fridge functions concurrently while the Vacation and Home Alone modes predominantly focus on keeping food frozen as only the freeze section is activated during those settings.

When additional storage capacity is required, this feature grants users the ability to turn their freezer into a refrigerator for even more space – an invaluable resource on days that require extra room.

With Twin Cooling Plus technology, this feature utilizes two separate evaporators for fridge and freezer to avoid temperature changes. You can also manage the humidity and temperature perfectly so that odors don’t mix which in turn helps preserve food longer than usual.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, our AI energy saving mode can detect usage patterns and can optimize temperature settings for maximum efficiency – guaranteeing you will save on your energy bill.

Enjoy chilled drinks, ice cubes, and crushed ice any time you please with the refrigerator’s 4.5L water tank for its non-plumbing ice and water dispenser! Installation is a breeze since no plumbing connections are required–just add mineral or fresh water in the tank and voila! There’s no need to purchase an additional filter; just slip this fridge into your home today for cool refreshments whenever you desire.

With its Auto Open Door, you’ll never have to worry about getting your hands dirty again. Just place them on the touch sensor and let it effortlessly open up for you!

Now, users have the power to simply control their refrigerator with SmartThings app since it is Wi-fi enabled. Starting today, these models are available through both offline and online retailers ranging from Rs 113,000 upwards in four different glass finish colors – Glam Deep Charcoal, Clean White, Clean Navy and Clean Pink – all within a 653L net capacity.

Get ready to experience a smarter refrigerator with Samsung India’s latest side-by-side refrigerator range of 2023!

With machine learning and AI energy saving mode that takes into account usage patterns and adjusts temperature settings accordingly, Samsung India’s new refrigerators are the ideal solutions to all your cooling needs.

So why wait? Get yours today and experience a smarter refrigerator!

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