Sony to supply Apple with advanced image sensor for next iPhone

According to recent reports, Apple is set to use Sony’s advanced image sensor for the upcoming iPhone. This new imaging system will give Apple users an enhanced and more powerful camera experience than ever before.

The next iPhone may feature an image sensor from Sony, blurring the lines between smartphone photography and what can currently be achieved with DSLR cameras.

Nikkei reports that Sony Semiconductor Solutions’ new image sensor has the impressive ability to nearly double the saturation signal level of each pixel.

The advantage of this is that the sensor can take in more light, which means less risk of an image being too dark or too bright. For example, if somebody’s standing in front of a sunny window, their face is more likely to be visible.

Sony’s new semiconductor architecture, which puts transistors and photodiodes in separate substrate layers, allows for more photodiodes on its dedicated layer. According to the publication, this is how Sony achieved the breakthrough.

Terushi Shimizu, President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS), stated earlier this year that he foresees smartphone camera image quality surpassing DSLR capabilities within the next few years due to a combination of cutting-edge image sensor technology and broader apertures.

In 2021, Sony captured 44 percent of the global CMOS image sensor market, while Samsung trailed in second place at 18.5 percent, according to British analytics firm Omdia.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 is shaping up to be a pretty big upgrade, at least going off of the rumors. All models are expected to have the new Dynamic Island feature as well as switch from Lighting to USB-C. However, only the premium iPhone 15 Pro models will reportedly get Wired Fast Connectivity. The Pro variants may also come with haptic solid-state volume and power buttons; bringing the iPhone one step closer to being buttonless and portless altogether.

Furthermore, it is believed that Apple’s own 5G modem will not be completed in time for next year’s iPhones, even though they have invested both time and money into the project over the past few years. According to Bloomberg, there have been issues with overheating in their prototypes as of July. Consequently, Qualcomm is presumed to provide most of the 5G chips for the 2023 iPhone models.

It certainly looks like Apple is planning something big with the iPhone 15 and beyond. Only time will tell if they can meet their lofty goals.

It is a promising sign that Sony and Apple are working together to bring better camera capabilities and more sophisticated technology to future iPhones. We’ll just have to wait until the official unveiling to find out for sure.

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