New Year celebrations: Swiggy delivers 3.50 lakh biryani orders, over 61,000 Pizzas

On Saturday, food delivery service Swiggy delivered an astonishing 3.50 lakh biryani orders and exceeded 61,000 pizza deliveries nationwide by 10:25 PM – a remarkable milestone that speaks to the app’s reliable customer services and efficient operational capabilities!

According to a recent Twitter poll by Swiggy, 75.4% of orders placed were for Hyderabadi Biryani, 14.2% for Lucknowi, and 10.4 % for Kolkata variants! It’s clear that the spicy flavors of Hyderabad take precedence when it comes to biryani cravings throughout India!

According to sources who spoke with PTI-

“With 3.50 lakh orders, Biryani was the top item that was delivered.”

A whopping 1.65 lakh Biryani orders were fulfilled by the app at 7.20 PM on Saturday!

On the eve of 2021, Bawarchi – a renowned biryani-selling eatery in Hyderabad – served up two Biriyanis every minute to meet customer demand. For December 31st, 2022, they had prepped an impressive 15 tonnes of their signature dish!

In a separate tweet, Swiggy announced-

“@dominos_india, 61,287 pizzas have been delivered, we can only imagine the number of oregano packets going with them.”

As of 7 PM Saturday, an incredible 1.76 lakh packets of chips had been purchased through Swiggy Instamart!

Swiggy Instamart recently boasted that it had delivered a whopping 2,757 packs of Durex condoms. To ensure the “nice” pun is fulfilled, they requested customers to order an additional 4,212 to make it “6969” – wouldn’t that be something?

Last night, Sriharsha Majety, the CEO of Swiggy, voiced his thoughts via a tweet-

“The party is already off to a fast start – we have delivered over 1.3 million orders and counting. Our fleet & restaurant partners are geared up to make this NYE unforgettable. Pro-tip: order early to beat the rush.”

Khichdi was the most sought-after dish on New Year’s Eve, with an astounding 12,344 orders placed by 9.18 PM in India alone!

It’s no surprise that Swiggy was the go-to service for getting food delivered quickly and conveniently this New Year’s Eve!

With 3.50 lakh biryani orders, over 61,000 pizzas, and an endless variety of other delicious dishes under its belt, it looks like Swiggy had a truly memorable New Year’s celebration!

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