Tata Salt launches #HarSawaalUthega campaign to encourage kids to ask questions for the nation

Adhering to the theme of ‘Desh Ki Sehat, Desh Ka Namak’, Tata Salt – a pioneer and leader in India’s iodized salt market- has announced an ambitious Republic Day campaign known as ‘Desh Ke Liye #HarSawaalUthega’. With its comprehensive approach, this campaign seeks to empower children by creating a platform for them to ask questions which could lead to meaningful conversations and inspire social change.

Voicing her enthusiasm for the campaign launch, Deepika Bhan, President of Packaged Foods- India at Tata Consumer Products commented:

“Children can really reframe our thinking! They question what we are willing to accept as the status quo and that challenge forces change. Desh Ke Liye #HarSawalUthega is a platform that endeavours to surface these real questions. We’ve received such insightful, provocative questions already and are enthused with the awareness and change the next generation is willing to imagine. Tata Salt is one of India’s most trusted brands, and we definitely want to partner this journey of fuelling an entire generation of kids to raise their questions and contribute to a better tomorrow.”

This movement, initiated by a survey which included more than one thousand mothers across the US, was an outlet for expressing the same opinion on how we should pay close attention to our children’s inquiries since they can potentially change society and shape our nation in the most profound ways.

The survey revealed some fascinating responses from mothers regarding their children’s Curiosity Quotient (CQ). Nearly all of them thought that their kids were curious and had a longing to learn more about the world around them. Unfortunately, one-fourth of these moms confessed that they felt like their offspring didn’t have enough chances to express themselves.

They firmly believe that to create a better tomorrow, we must nurture the curiosity of young ones; for how they perceive the world is capable of tremendous change.

The powerful campaign kicked off with a video featuring students proudly raising white flags adorned with their questions inscribed across them, beckoning other pupils to join the drive.

By utilizing a full-spectrum strategy that encompasses all mediums, including traditional print and digital sources, this campaign will culminate in an impactful Republic Day display featuring questions asked by children from around the country.

Expressing his thoughts on the concept, Sukesh Nayak – Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy India declared-

“This is a very powerful platform that empowers the Children, the future of our country to ask relevant questions that will truly define the future of our country. This is an idea that not only interacts but gives voice to the children by hoisting their questions on the front page of leading national newspapers, so the whole country can see it. We believe that this idea will help children from across India voice their questions, hoist their questions and help shape a better tomorrow.”

To honor Republic Day and the campaign it stands for, Tata Salt is launching a special edition line of one kilogram packets. These packs are sure to become collector’s items as they transform our iconic salt packaging into a symbol of pride – befitting such an important date on India’s calendar! Look out for them at all outlets and e-commerce channels near you!

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