Twitter down for thousands of users, many unable to sign in

On Thursday, users of the popular microblogging platform Twitter were met with a roadblock as thousands experienced outages according to’s outage tracking site.

A Reuters report revealed that at 7:40 pm ET, more than 10,000 users in the United States faced difficulties while trying to access a popular social media website.

In less than an hour, the reported issues had dropped significantly to only 3,700.

Numerous users expressed their discontentment with the non-functioning Twitter notifications, while others encountered an error that caused tweets to be absent from feeds.

Netblocks tweeted that…

“Twitter is experiencing international outages affecting the mobile app and features including notifications; incident not related to country-level internet disruptions or filtering,”

Under Elon Musk’s command, Twitter has been thrown into disarray, with countless layoffs and the re-admittance of previously blocked accounts. Even more concerning is that journalists who have denounced the South African billionaire are now being silenced on the platform.

Greg, a Twitter user voiced on Twitter “Can anyone see this or is Twitter broken”.

Musk quickly responded to the tweet with a resounding “Works for me!”

Twitter users are sharing their complaints that they can’t log in.

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