Wakefit.co rolls out its campaign featuring comedian Kumar Varun

With Wakefit.co’s ‘Honest New Year Party Rant,’ comedian Kumar Varun encapsulates the distress that many people feel when it comes to planning their New Year festivities. This Direct-to-Customer (D2C) home and sleep solutions company has crafted this campaign as a way to provide relief and comfort during one of the most hectic times of year.

After engaging with consumers who have highlighted entirely new interpretations of home since the pandemic, we were inspired to create this video, stated Prateek Malpani, brand head at Wakefit.co. He further added-

“The home has become an active dynamic space accommodating a myriad of activities rather than a passive space where it was just meant to retire after a long day. Earlier the idea of having fun meant ‘going out’ but that has changed as voiced by our consumers who say they have a much more quality time at home when it comes to celebrations, get-togethers and occasions.”

This brand campaign highlights how staying at home with those closest to you has become the new norm, whether it’s cuddling up in bed or snuggled on the sofa.

This Honest New-Year Party Rant video is meant to connect with the sentiments we’ve been feeling as this year comes to a close and make staying home for New Year’s Eve seem more normal.

The campaign captures the emotion of planning a New Year celebration at home better than any words could. The video is part of Wakefit’s broader message that encourages people to redefine home and use it for more than just sleeping.

So if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by all your New Year plans, Wakefit’s Honest New-Year Party Rant campaign is here to help you make the most of staying in. It’s time to embrace the new normal, and have a cozy New Year at home.

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